Mustad Nails.

This nail series in conjunction with the E-nail is one of the classic Mustad nail designs.

Thanks to their excellent qualities the nails are perfect for most common V-fullered 8-10 mm horseshoes.
All nails in this series are distinguished by a common head-form, the E-form.
The differences between the individual types lie in the length and thickness of the shank.

The EXL nail is also notable for its reinforced neck, with a very long and slender shank.
All Mustad nails are manufactured to the highest quality standards on modern machines using specially selected materials.

For the farrier a nail is a precise component of his/her art. When a shoe is fitted, individual nails are driven into the white line and must then project out of the hoof wall in a consistent and reliable way. The ability to fulfil this criterion is the basis for all Mustad nail designs, meaning that any style of nail can be purchased with the confidence that it will perform perfectly. As part of this quality and performance quest every Mustad nail is manufactured to a maximum production tolerance of just 0.05mm a reassurance to the farrier that the nails will perform the same time after time.

Mustad E10 Nails 100 pieces
AUD $27.90

Ideal heavy horse/draught nail.
68mm long.

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